OUR Leather, OUR Pride

There are lots of questions asking about us and our products. Is it really made from leather, are you guys genuine?

Aha, I love to answer that kind of questions because it shows that our customers are starting to acknowledge us and care about us.

Let me tell you a situation right now. If you realized, there are a lot of sellers around the world promoting their leather items as “Genuine Leather”. Well, the term itself is very very very basic, but as a customer, you can access and check what Genuine Leather in todays world actually means.

As a company who promotes handcrafted products, we are serious and concern about this issue. Our leather are all handpicked and we choose only Full Grain or Top Grain leather. You can also can search more about these 2 types of leather since all info are just at the fingertips.

Jack Studio will describe the product based on its characteristic, either full grain, top grain, split, or milled leather. Our microfiber products has literally small amount of leather entity but we do not declare it as Genuine Leather, we announce the product as microfiber or PU. This is how we are going to be responsible to our products and quality, we rather underclaim than overclaim and let customer tell the quality by themselves.

Our Leather, Our Pride.

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