Leather Care

How Use Jack Studio Leather Care

We have 2 leather care range at this moment which can be used at home to maintain your leather longevity
  • Outermost Skin Care

Specially formulated for pull up full grain leather family such as crazy horse, oil pulled up,
heavy waxed, chalked waxed, and other matte chromexcel finishing leather.

  • Nourishing Skin Care

a) Wipe of the surface using clean cloth or the best
horsehair brush for dust and dirts.
b) Buff using clean microfiber cloth or horsehair brush on
in circular motion. Buff extra on the place where you
want to eliminate the scratches more. Pull up leather
families will always have scratches that gives the
character to the item. Hence, kindly try to remove the
scratches in small area first.
c) Wipe off any excess cream with dry microfiber cloth

  • Leather bag/shoes routine

a) Always keep leather care products in a cool dry place
b) Do a simple cleaning and apply Jack Studio Leather Care twice a month
c) Avoid expose leather care products to direct heat or sunlight

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